Attacking Asthma

by SKHC Editor on April 9, 2008

Can you guess the top ten cities hardest on Asthma sufferers? According to they are:

1. Knoxville, TN2. Tulsa, OK3. Milwaukee, WI4. Atlanta, GA5. Memphis, TN6. Allentown, PA7. Charlotte, NC8. Greenville, SC9. St. Louis, MO 10. Greensboro, NC

Did you know that according to the EPA 90% of Americans spend their time indoors? Whether or not the majority of us like to spend most of our time indoors we need to take precautions to help prevent Asthma sufferers from having an attack. The main culprits are mold, dust mites, secondhand smoke, cockroaches, cats and dogs, nitrogen dioxide, and chemical irritants.  No Attacks offers suggestions on what you can do to diminish these common triggers.

In honor of May being Asthma Awareness Month School Kids Healthcare is getting a head start on helping raise awareness about this serious, sometimes life-threatening, respiratory disease and what you can do. Our friends at the EPA have provided a couple of handy forms that we would like to pass along to you. The Asthma Awareness Month Event Planning Kit offers an assortment of new ideas, activities and tips to help spread the word. The second is the student Asthma Action Card which will help aide you in preventing and handling an Asthma sufferer’s attack.

If you know of any Asthma Awareness Month upcoming events or are planning one please let School Kids Healthcare know. If you live in one of the top ten listed cities let us know what you think about those statistics. If you don’t live in one of the top ten cities what do you think about it compared to the city you live in? School Kids Healthcare is here to help you spread your word.

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