Blood Pressure Monitoring From Home

by SKHC Editor on June 18, 2008

How often do you have your blood pressure checked? Many people find themselves only getting it checked at the doctor’s office a few times a year or maybe at an in-store station. While something is better than nothing if you are one of the 72 million Americans with high blood pressure how do you feel about doing regular checks from home?

The American Heart Association, American Society of Hypertension and the Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association recently urged everyone with high blood pressure should own a home monitor and do regular pressure checks.

High blood pressure is more common as people age and a leading cause of heart attacks, strokes, and death. Regular monitoring may help a doctor to fine-tune treatment, including medications used to control high blood pressure. It is estimated that only 1/3 of people with high blood pressure have it under control.

While regular monitoring is a great idea not everyone may feel regular home monitoring is necessary. What do you think? Should people with high blood pressure make an investment in their own personal BP monitor or blood pressure cuff to perform regular checks from home? Is it more feasible to encourage people to take advantage of the free blood pressure check stations at a local pharmacy or shopping center?

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