Body and Mind – BAM!

by SKHC Editor on December 15, 2008

Have you heard of Body and Mind (BAM) on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website? BAM is designed for kids 9 – 13 years old to provide them with information to make healthy lifestyle choices.

It’s a pretty snappy website that is colorful, user-friendly and offers up quizzes and information on diseases, food and nutrition, physical activity, safety, life, and body.

Although the BAM website is geared towards kids 9 – 13 years old as an adult it doesn’t hurt to check it out. It allows you to stay involved with your kids. It may give you insight on ways to talk to your children about peer pressure, self-esteem and more. As a school nurse or teacher there’s also the BAM! Classroom link that helps incorporate BAM! Topics into the classroom.

Check it out the BAM! website and take a moment to comment on the School Kids Healthcare Blog on how you communicate with your kids on the basics. Do you provide them with books, talk with them directly, both? Explain to us how you work with your children to help them ease into the preteen years.

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