Is More Than One Dose of Epinephrine Sometimes Needed?

by SKHC Editor on July 29, 2008

New research suggests nearly one in five food-induced anaphylactic reactions that occur in children with multiple food allergies may require two or more doses of epinephrine as opposed to the single dose that is generally administered.

Dr. Kirsi M. Jarvinen, from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, and colleagues evaluated epinephrine use in children with multiple food allergies by interviewing the families of 413 patients.

The report noted 78 children, who were an average of 4.5 years old, were given epinephrine to treat a total of 95 reactions. Over 75% of the reactions involved peanut, tree nut, or cow’s milk allergies. 13% of the reactions required a second dose and another 6% required a total of three doses.

When one of your students has an anaphylactic reaction are you allowed to determine if a second dose is necessary? Do the students carry an Epi-Pen on them or keep them in the school nurse’s office? How many doses of epinephrine do the students with allergies (or asthma) generally keep on hand at school?

With school nurses traveling in between schools what happens when they’re not there and a student is having an anaphylactic reaction? Are teachers trained to handle the situation? If the student is able do they administer it themselves? Take this week’s poll on administering epinephrine. Share your comments with other school nurses on how you would handle the situation if you felt a second dose of epinephrine was necessary.

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Reuters: Severe allergic reaction may need more epinephrine
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Jim July 30, 2008 at 12:29 am

Actually,i have no notion about epinephrine dose so it would be nice to talk about that doses firstly but nevertheless after reading this topic i can understand that epinephrine is an important dose.

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