National School Nurse Day Kicks off National Nurse Week

by SKHC Editor on May 6, 2009

May 6, 2009 kicks off National Nurse Week with a dedicated day all to School Nurses. National Nurse Week is always May 6 – 12 and National School Nurse Day is always celebrated on the Wednesday within that week.

This year’s theme “School Nurses: Meeting Needs of Today’s Students” is a targeted statement yet so broad. What is “Today’s Student?” Is it a student with diabetes? Might it be a student who has asthma? Could it be a student with an eating disorder?

Today’s Student does not fall into one neat little package with a pretty little bow. Today’s Student may need a bandage from time to time but in reality their day to day needs far exceed the popular belief of band-aids and tummy aches.

School Nurses not only give medical attention but they conduct prevention screenings for vision and hearing. School Nurses also educate students about proper hygiene; as well as sexual health, nutrition and the importance of physical fitness just to name a few.

Not all schools are lucky enough to have a School Nurse. Budgets are being prepared for the upcoming school year and some districts are cutting School Nurses in order to keep their funds within perspective.

Amidst the H1N1 uproar not only are School Nurses closely monitoring students to determine whether symptoms are that of a cold or swine flu they are fulfilling their everyday duties on top of that (monitoring blood glucose, handling prescription medications, etc).

School Nurses are very much needed but not always appreciated. If your school is lucky enough to have a school nurse take a moment to say, “thank you.” If you do not have a school nurse write a letter to the school board about the importance of having one.

School Nurses don’t let this day pass by without notice. Print official NASN School Nurse Day Posters to hang in your health room office and around the school.  


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Connie Harrell May 7, 2009 at 6:54 pm

I am a school nurse in a small rural county in East Tennessee. I am the only school nurse employed by the county. This year for the first time a local health care provider began a school health clinic in one of our elementary schools. It is a great help there is a Registered Nurse there all day and in the afternoon from 1:00pm til 3:30 there is a nurse practitioner. This has helped free me up for part of the day so I can do the hearing and vision screenings, also BMI blood pressure, height, weight, and I also do scoliosis screening for 6th grade students Then there is the health plans for all the diabetics, asthma, and other chronic health problems. This is in addition to my daily schedule of students that require nurse care, diabetics carb counting, preparing insulin and administering injections. Tube feedings and catherizations. When I write this down it sounds like wow! but I love my job the kids and it takes all year from August to May to get it done but it is very rewarding. I am proud to be a school nurse 10 years and counting. Happy Nurses Week to all nurses!

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