Parents and Kids Talk About Diabetes

by SKHC Editor on January 9, 2009

Kids with diabetes and their parents share their stories in this informational and heart wrenching YouTube video.

Children, Parents, School Nurses and Teachers deal with diabetes everyday and are trained on how to handle an emergency situation. However, are their classmates educated on what diabetes is, how it affects the body and what to do if a diabetic needs medical care? Does a diabetic’s classmate understand why their friend needs to check their blood sugar level or why insulin or glucose is kept on hand?As a school nurse, do you feel it’s up to a student to share their diabetic medical condition with classmates? Or, do you feel that age appropriate information should be shared so they know what to do should a situation occur.

Have you ever had a student who was embarrassed by their condition and didn’t want their fellow classmates to know? What do you do then?

Although diabetes is all too common in children these days all children handle it differently. Please share your stories with School Kids Healthcare on children with diabetes.

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