School – Should Your Child Stay Home or Should They Go?

by SKHC Editor on August 11, 2009

School is right around the corner. At some point during the school year parents will more than likely wake up to the sound of their son or daughter complaining of a stomachache, headache, both or other ailments.

So, as a parent, what do you do? What’s the decider if you send them on their merry way, keep them home or keep them home and make a doctor’s appointment? It comes down to a few key guidelines that Laura Miller, a school nurse with Peoria District 150 in Illinois, shares with us.

“A child with a mild cough, cold, sore throat or stomachache may attend school if he does not have a fever of 100 or higher,” Miller said. “The child should also feel well enough to participate in school learning and other activities.”

If symptoms are more severe, but not quite severe enough for a visit to the doctor, the child should stay home, rest, drink plenty of fluids and avoid the TV, including video games.

As far as a trip to the doctor’s office it’s of course, up to you, the parents. You know your kids best. However, if we’re talking pink eye, difficulty breathing, vomiting lasting more than 24 hours, severe diarrhea with a fever and/or cramping, a sore throat lasting more than three days, severe abdominal pain or chicken pox don’t second guess yourself, get your child in for a checkup.

Common illnesses, such as a cold or the flu, are going to hit every year but if your child practices good hygiene and common courtesy such as proper hand washing and covering their coughs it will help against the spreading of germs.

“Attendance is key to a student’s success in school, so we want children here every day, unless something, such as an illness, prevents that,” Miller said.


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