The Office and CPR Training

by SKHC Editor on February 4, 2009

Okay, so who watched The Office after the Super Bowl 43 Sunday night? Did the writer’s of The Office happen to catch the EMP Blog about “Stayin’ Alive” providing a near perfect beat to perform CPR to and decide to base a show around it?  
It is about time The Office cast had the Red Cross come in with a CPR manikin and teach them what needs to be done when someone stops breathing…remember the ABCs!  Too bad it had to come to Stanley having a heart attack after Dwight had an emergency preparedness fire drill in order to get the Red Cross trainer in The Office.
All in all a funny episode of The Office – what did you think? Is there a Safety Officer in your school or in your office?  In the event of an emergency does your staff or family know what do?  If you work in a school, office, clinic, laboratory, or virtually anywhere do you have an emergency plan? Does your staff know where the first aid kits are, defibrillators, or a copy of the plan? When was the last time the first aid kit was updated, items tend to get used up and often on one takes the time to resupply them until it’s too late…

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