5 Steps to “Unstress”

by SKHC Editor on August 26, 2010

From time to time everyone gets stressed, no matter what their age. People deal with stress in different ways, some better than others. Screaming, hitting and punching when dealing with stress won’t solve a problem. However, taking a deep breath and talking with someone you trust about your problem can put you on the right path. The next time you feel stressed think of these five steps to “unstress”:

1. Get support. When you’re in need of help reach out to the people who care about you. Who knows, someone may have similar worries as you.

2. Don’t freak out! Its okay to recognize that you’re upset but don’t go wild. If you’re angry fine, but think about why you’re angry. The, find a way to positively calm down and calmly express your anger. Try exercising, deep breathing, listening to music, writing in journal, playing with your pet, going on a walk or bike ride, whatever it takes to positively exert some of that anger.

3. Don’t take it out on yourself. Believe it or not there is always someone there to help you. Be kind to yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for a helping hand to help you get through a rough situation.

4. Try to solve the problem. Once you’ve calmed down and you have your support system figure out what the problem is and how to tackle it. It doesn’t even have to be conquered all at once, once step forward is better than two steps back.

5. Be positive, most stress is temporary. When you’re in the heat of a stressful situation it’s hard to focus on the positive. However, the sooner you do the faster you can identify the problem and work on solving it.

You may have to repeat a step or two along the way, and that’s normal. Just stay positive and focus on a solution.

Source: kidshealth.org

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