How to Safely Pack a Lunch

by SKHC Editor on September 28, 2010

Hot foods should be kept hot and cold foods should be kept cold.  We all know that, but do we all practice it? 

One study found that less than a third of parents included a cold pack when packing yogurt, deli-meat sandwiches and other foods needing refrigeration.

Here are some suggestions on how to safely pack a lunch for your child (and you too!):

  • Wash your hands.
  • Use a thermos for hot foods.
  • Use cold packs or freeze said foods and drinks overnight (they’ll thaw in the lunchbox).
  • Washout lunchboxes every day or if you’re brown bagging be sure to recycle.
  • Toss in a couple of moist towellettes to remind your youngsters to wash before and after eating.

Simple enough, right?


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