Pumpkin Carving Safety

by SKHC Editor on October 29, 2010

Carving a pumpkin is a Halloween tradition.  However, many people seriously injure themselves pumpkin carving by accidentally cutting their hands or wrists.

When carving a pumpkin you should not use an oversized knife or razor blade.  Instead use a knife that is specifically made for pumpkin carving (it should look like a small saw).  While carving, make sure to keep the knife handle and your hands dry to prevent any slippage.

It’s generally best if an adult does the pumpkin carving.  Leave the pumpkin designing/drawing and scooping the insides out to the kids.

If an accident does happen remove any foreign objects such as pieces of a blade or the knife itself.  Elevate and apply constant pressure until receiving professional care. 

Now that the rules are covered, be safe and Happy Halloween.

Source: ehstoday.com

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