Teenage Pregnancy

by SKHC Editor on May 28, 2010

Teenage pregnancy remains a serious problem in the United States. Whether or not your daughter or son is sexually active (it does take two) it’s important to talk about sex and making responsible choices. Just because you talk about sex does not mean your daughter or son is going to run out and do it if that’s why you’re holding back.

Think about following:

  • By age 19, 70% of unmarried teens have had sexual intercourse
  • Nearly three in ten girls get pregnant by age 20
  • After declining for 14 straight years, the teen birth rate has increased five percent since 2005
  • Four out of five teen pregnancies are unplanned and unintended

It’s not always the easiest or most comfortable topic to broach with your child but it’s never too late to discuss the importance of personal sexual health and responsibility.

Source: thenationalcampaign.org, webmd.com

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