What to Put In a First Aid Kit

by SKHC Editor on July 9, 2010

First aid kits should be stocked and ready to go so if you haven’t got yourself one here’s a list of basic first aid kit contents:

Whether you prefer to make a homemade first aid kit or just buy a completely stocked first aid kit is all a matter of personal preference.  Just know that it’s a good idea to tailor your first aid kit contents to the situation at hand.

Hiking or camping? You could go for a pocket size first aid kit for the trails and a Red Cross 5-pack modular first aid kit for the campsite.  If you live in an earthquake zone an earthquake survival first aid kit would be a wise choice.  The Fourth of July may be behind us but it’s not the only day fireworks are lit, so you may want to consider a burn first aid kit

Stay safe.

Source: redcross.org

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