Is Your Young Child Gifted?

by SKHC Editor on June 30, 2011

Every parent is no doubt proud of their child. Some parents may even think their child is gifted. There are some developmental guidelines that often indicate giftedness in children. Check out these signs to take note of.

Retains Information – actually retains a wide variety of information and is able to recall it at a later time.

Variety of Interests – displays an interest in an array of topics.

Writes and Reads Early – having the ability to read and write early on without formal teaching.

Musically or Artistically Talented – drawing things to perspective, has perfect pitch, or other higher art perception.

Periods of Intense Concentration – gifted children are able to have longer periods of intense concentration.

Great Memory – some gifted children are able to recall events (unprovoked) from when they were much younger.

Advanced Vocabulary – learning to speak early on is one sign, as well as a child who has a vast vocabulary and is speaking in complete, detailed sentences.

Detail Oriented – a keen eye for detail such as returning things to exactly where they retrieved them from or noticing if something is out of place.

Self-Critical – gifted children are often most critical of themselves.

Complex Understanding – Highly intelligent young ones are often able to understand complex concepts, perceive relationships, and think abstractly as well as consider solutions.


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