Breast Cancer Awareness Month

by SKHC Editor on October 12, 2012

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  In the United States there will be an estimated 226,870 (female) and 2,190 (male) new cases of breast cancer this year.  And, sadly, 39,510 (female) and 410 (male) deaths from breast cancer this year.  Breast cancer in males is not common, but as you can see, it does happen.

For women, the strongest risk factor for breast cancer is age.  As a woman ages her risk of developing breast cancer increases.  However, there are other risk factors.  Genetic changes in certain genes, breast density, family history, personal history, certain changes found in a breast biopsy, radiation therapy, alcohol consumption, reproductive and menstrual history, long term use of menopausal hormone therapy, taking the drug DES during pregnancy, body weight, physical activity, and race.

With all these risk factors how does one know where they stand?  Performing monthly self breast examinations is a start, but essentially you need to be screened by a health care provider.


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