Does Back to School Mean Back to Being Bullied?

by SKHC Editor on September 6, 2012

Labor Day has passed and it’s officially back to school time.  For some children the start of a new school year means getting to sport the latest backpack, school supplies, or shoes.  However, for some children these classic back to school “must haves” are the least of their worries.  Their back to school may mean back to being bullied.

Did you know that a child is bullied every seven minutes in the United States?  Or, that an estimated 77% of children are bullied mentally or physically at some point during their school years?  Not only are children being bullied face to face, but 40% are being bullied electronically (i.e.: text messages, Facebook, Twitter).  That’s a lot of bullying.

Children who are being bullied may pretend they’re sick to get out of going to school, or flat out refuse to go.  Once you get them to school are they returning home with bruises, or seem distracted?  Are they argumentative or withdrawn?  Are they sleeping well?

These are classic signs to watch for.  If you see them, address them.  Talk to your child about what is going on at school.  What projects is your child working on?  Who are they eating lunch with?  What are they looking forward to?  Not looking forward to? Why?

Communicating with your child, and their teachers, is imperative if you want to monitor, and solve, any potential situations of bullying.


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