Handy Smartphone Apps for Hurricane Season

by SKHC Editor on June 1, 2012

Not that the 2012 hurricane season is something to look forward to, but there’s no hiding from the fact that as of today, the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific hurricane seasons are in full swing. The Eastern Pacific hurricane season began May 15, but both the Atlantic and Eastern hurricane seasons end November 30.

Better safe than sorry, your best bet is to be ready with a hurricane preparedness plan. When you think of a hurricane preparedness plan of course it includes having a hurricane preparedness kit. However, in the day and age of Smartphones there are apps that could be useful in an emergency too. Check out these suggested apps:

  • Boingo Wi-Finder – allows you to locate the nearest wireless internet connection
  • WebMD – offers advice and initial care for illness or injury in the absence of a medical professional
  • Flashlight by i4software – should you lose power and be without a flashlight this app will provide the light you need
  • Frugal Hotel and Motel Finder – whether you’re on a tight budget or not, you can’t beat a good deal
  • Home Inventory Photo Remote – walk around your home and compile an inventory of your belongings for insurance purposes
  • Hurricane Supply List – if you plan on sticking out the storm this app will provide a checklist through all the stages
  • iEmergency ICE Family PRO – enables medical personnel to access critical medical information (blood type, allergies, prescriptions, etc.)
  • RepairPal – if you have car trouble reference this app for repair costs, recommended mechanics, and one-touch access to roadside assistance
  • SPOT Connect – regardless of whether you have a cell signal or not, this app will find you anywhere on Earth through the Globalstar satellite network
  • Surf Watch – Receive alerts about changing wave heights, swell direction, wind direction and wind speed

The majority of these apps are free!

Sources: charlotteobserver.com , nhc.noaa.gov

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