Happy National School Nurse Day

by SKHC Editor on May 9, 2012

Today, Wednesday, May 9, is National School Nurse Day.  This year’s theme, “Advocacy, Access, Achievement: Making the Connection,” is reflective of the overall positive impact school nurses have on the health and wellbeing of students.  It’s a fact, healthy children learn better.

School nurses have a number of responsibilities.  Here are just four responsibilities of school nurses:

  • Significantly reduce the amount of days missed due to asthma (did you know asthma is the leading cause of school absenteeism, more than 14 million missed days annually)
  • Managing students with chronic conditions including diabetes and seizures to allow them to stay in class
  • Identify and treat accidents and injuries
  • Counsel students about physical and emotional issues

As you can see, school nurses have a lot on their plate.  They contribute to the overall health of not only students, but the school staff as well.  Please take a moment to thank your school nurse today.

Source: nasn.org

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