7 Back to School Fears

by SKHC Editor on August 28, 2013

No matter a child’s age, at this time of year they may be experiencing some back to school fears.  Situations presenting challenges or fear in a child range, but here are seven common back to school fears to think about:

Change – is your child starting at a new school this year?

Previous bad experiences – has your child experienced bullying, or other personal or academic stress?

Schedule changes – will your child be moving from classroom to classroom or taking part in new activities?

Unknowns – “Will I fit in?  Where’s my classroom?  Who’s my teacher?”

Social difficulties – does your child have problems fitting in with other children?

Getting lost – “I’m going to be late!  Where’s my classroom?”

Making the grade – will your child have more homework or be taking advanced classes this year?

Every problem may not call for the same solution, but as a parent one of the best things you can do is talk with your child about how they’re feeling.  Once you know what they’re thinking and how they’re feeling it will be easier to work through any challenges or fears.

Source: newsroom.cigna.com

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