School Nurses Know The Facts But Does Everyone Else?

by SKHC Editor on July 23, 2008

Federal Guidelines recommend 1 nurse for every 750 students but the reality is about 1 nurse for every 1151 students. School nurses’ jobs are being slashed due to budget and in turn teachers are being expected to fill in the gap. While there still are School Nurses how many different schools, or even districts, do they have to travel to? Parents, School Nurses, and Teachers are all justifiably expressing concern.

“There needs to be somebody in there that knows what they’re doing.” – Amy Merrell, whose 8 year old son has diabetes and attends Coronado Elementary School in Gilbert, AZ

“Mississippi has some of the highest rates of diabetes, asthma, obesity amongst our children,…If you can catch something through screening or treating some sort of small medical issue, you could impact a student’s entire future in education” – Estelle Watts, Office of Healthy Schools/Bureau of Health Services Director of School Nurses

“They were so good. They would just sit and wait.” – Julia Keyes, kindergarten and first grade teacher at Etowah Elementary School in Henderson County, NC commenting on her classroom rule of not interrupting while she pricked a female student’s finger to check her blood sugar and adjusted her insulin pump

While the six New England states, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Kansas, New Jersey, and Wyoming are making the 1 to 750 cut there is the other end of the spectrum. Hawaii, Michigan, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Utah are at a ratio of less than 1 per 3000.

Where do you fall? Are you travelling from school to school trying to keep your head above water or is your district adequately staffed? Take this week’s poll and post a comment about what’s going on in your district.

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