Practicing the “Dracula Sneeze”

by SKHC Editor on September 28, 2009

The “Dracula Sneeze” (raising your upper arm to cover your nose and mouth) makes sense but it may take some old-schoolers a little retraining before they catch on.

Everyone (hopefully) understands they should cover their cough and sneeze however using your bare hand to do it is passé.

If you use your bare hand to cover your cough and sneeze those germs are going to hang out on your hand and chances are pretty good you’re going to touch something before you are able to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer thus spreading germs.

If you find the “Dracula Sneeze” method on the more gross side carry some Kleenex or whatever brand of tissue you like with you. Catch the sneeze or cough in the Kleenex, toss it in the garbage can and immediately wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.

This all sounds rather rudimentary but how many times have you been out in public and seen someone let loose a series of coughs or sneezes and just turn their head? Those little germ particles are not only landing somewhere but sticking to that somewhere for who knows how long (it varies due to the specific virus and surface).

Cold and flu season is upon us – it’s never an excuse to say the cough or sneeze “just came out of nowhere” to justify not covering it. Don’t most coughs and sneezes come out of nowhere?

Dracula Sneeze


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