Acne Awareness Month

by SKHC Editor on June 10, 2010

The month of June brings the anticipation of the end of the school year and summer vacation, both nice thoughts. June is also National Acne Awareness Month. Acne, not such a nice thought, is what nearly 80% of people will experience some form of at some point in their lives.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) at any one time 60 million Americans are affected. It’s the most common skin disorder in the United States. Acne has no exact cause but it does have a laundry list of things that can aggravate it.

So, what are those aggravators? A major culprit would be your hormones, which allow acne to easily flare up in teens and adults (especially women who are pregnant, having their period or going through menopause). FYI – stress won’t cause acne but it can aggravate the hormones that do (especially women with high pressure jobs).

Speaking of jobs, occupations that have exposure to industrial products like oils used in metal cutting may bring on acne. On the oil topic, a completely different kind of oil, oily skincare and some hair products can block your pores leading to breakouts.

Certain drugs, such as lithium and steroids, also can aggravate acne. On the flipside, birth control pills may help prevent acne.

For some people acne may even be aggravated by the physical pressure of a helmet, chinstrap or collar.

If a parent, brother or sister, or your child has acne, it could be due to genetics.

Family member or not enough people out there experience it at one point or another. Acne may not be “cured” per se but it can be managed. With the right treatment eventually it will recede.


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