Tips & Tricks for Raising Smart Kids

by SKHC Editor on June 29, 2010

As a parent some of your top goals are most likely to raise your children in a safe environment that promotes responsible health and that builds upon a variety of intellect.  Different activities, whether happening at home or school, help children in life.  Proper nutrition also goes hand in hand with building intellect as it’s the fuel that allows their brains to function.

The article 100 Tips & Tricks for Raising Seriously Smart Kids has broken it down for you in four categories: games, activities, trips and foods.  Think of it as a go-to list when you hear that voice that says ‘I’m bored’ or ‘I’m hungry’ or get a head start and plan ahead of time.  Think fun games (Monopoly, Scrabble), activities (coloring books, walks), trips (museums, zoos) and preparing nutritious foods (fruits, veggies) to engage your children.


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