Is Your Kid Smoking Pot?

by SKHC Editor on March 3, 2011

More than 40% of teens try pot before they graduate from high school. Here are some warning signs your child may be using marijuana:

  • Dilated pupils or very red, bloodshot eyes
  • A bad, lingering smell on their clothes
  • Cigarette rolling papers or seeds
  • Sleepy or lack of motivation (even to the point of bad grooming)
  • Smoking devices (bongs, pipes)
  • Slaphappy, seems dizzy, constantly laughing for no reason or difficulty remembering things
  • Deteriorating relationships or unable to maintain a friendly conversation
  • Constantly spraying air freshener or burning incense
  • Excessive use of mouthwash or eye drops
  • Clothing, posters, jewelry, stickers, etc. promoting pot use

There’s no guaranteed way to prevent your child from using drugs, however staying actively engaged in your child’s life can make a difference. Take the time to know what’s going with their schoolwork, what they’re doing outside of school, and who they’re hanging out with.


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Joyce April 11, 2011 at 6:29 pm

Kids in high school are in the stage where they wanted to experiment everything out of curiosity but if not guided properly they may loss their way to live normal life. Primarily parental guidance plays an important role next is the school and the community.

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